This is pretty much about what it says on the tin! Sometimes, some folks take exception to your little 'transgressions' shall we call them - and by that, I mean taking something that was already in the public domain then getting upset when you put it on your site.

An example may be, oh, let's see, a woman stripping down to her unmentionables and having her photo taken. Said photo (in Vivid Technicolor) is then published in a student rag (and swiftly picked up by the international media) as well as going up on said rags website... for all the web browsing billions to see. But, oh my, if it finds it's way anywhere else... That's when the big, ugly (C) rears it's head, and lawyers start rubbing their hands, determined to bring an Iron hammer down upon you.

The moral is... if you're concerned about people seeing more of you than you'd like - just be sure to choose your friends carefully and be equally sure not to allow them to do what the <insert expletive here> they like with pictures of you in a state of undress. Thus endeth the lesson.  The Webmaster has left the building.



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