I never read a single issue of Misty when it was first published, but here's my tribute to a Fleetway/IPC/Egmont (?!) mystery/horror paper that ran for 101 issues between '78 and '80 (before the inevitable merger and extinction).

From what the internet tells me (that boundless repository of mis-information & pornography - please keep that in mind as you read this) I gather it was a sort of little girls' horror comic starring a sexy zombie with a shock of raven-black hair and humourless eyebrows, called 'Misty'.  From the land of wind and ghosts, Misty, with all her evil charms, got up to all sorts of tomfoolery & shenanigans, every Monday, for only 8 to 10p (eight to ten English pee), courtesy of Mr. Newsagent.

Stories generally ended with the lass losing all her clothes or rather that misty diaphanous veil, in some Jane-esque manner and having to hide behind a man-eating tree, vampire, giant gorilla or Frankenstein's monster to preserve her modesty.

Always one to push the boundaries of the imagination, artistic originality and indeed decency, Misty was a veritable Homunculus of short stories (particularly popular with war time propagandist and creator of Super Mario Brothers computer game, Josef Goebbels) dealing with all manner of dead & un-dead stuff.  Indeed, the artwork was often of a high standard where girls with huge eyes, filled to equal measure with tears and terror (especially if penned by Mario Capaldi) would risk losing their body and soul on a week-by-week basis.

However, as with most specialist publications, it occasionally fell foul of the British Board of Sensors (BBoS) resulting in the issue dated January 6th '79 being pulled from the shelves as a result of our heroine not managing to get behind some inanimate object (in aforesaid state of undress) before the artist managed to depict this is a full colour centre fold-out spread...legs akimbo, naturally.

The official line was that all issues were pulped and fed to hungry pigs, though some say a few found their way onto eBay & into the Vatican Archives.  Indeed, emeritus Pope Ben-16 is reputed to own a copy, which he has lent to current incumbent Fran the First.

Better do what Misty says...

A few past specials, 'best of's' and fan made revivications aside (the will is there and, quite often, the artistic talent to match), Misty still continues her necromantic high-jinks on the internet courtesy of the 'official' site at www.mistycomic.co.uk. Will we ever see it back on the shelves of Mr. Newsagent? I doubt it.

Indeed, if you've even bothered to read this far without hitting the 'off' button in disgust and 'phoning whichever copyright lawyer may still deal with the improper use of such images - should your thirst for pretty zombies be unquenched you can pay a couple of UK pounds for a DVD containing the full run of 'Misty' (in digitised form), again, thanks to our friends at eBay.

That or pay hundreds of pounds scouring said site for back issues.  If that ain't infringing copyright, I don't know what is!

You may even take a moment to let me know what you think ? Mail is checked on a 'when I can be bothered' basis:



In conclusion, Misty was a victim of it's own success.  I'm not entirely sure if that was the case or even what I mean by that, but it's a good way to end this tribute

In short, Misty was a kind of late 70's moral play, where girls may sell their soul to win a horse jumping contest, be dragged down to the sulphurous pits of Hades for simply refusing to eat their greens or be eaten by giant prawn-like aliens because they were innocently in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It wasn't always  a case of '...well, I'll certainly not go hunting vampires just before the sun sets, anymore...' in many cases the peri-menarchic girl would lose her life in a particularly unpleasant fashion.

One cannot help but wonder if the wistful look on Misty's face, on the cover of the final issue was a result of trapped wind?  Well, long live misterious and mist enshrouded Misty from the land of Mists, misty farts and misty stuff. 

There are shed-loads of other comic tribute sites out there - just search for 'em, some are even half descent.  If you've enjoyed this, then you'll s*** a brick when you see my Kitten Magee tribute page.

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