Ode to the memory of the late, lamented South Park 6th Form College, Normanby, Middlesbrough. Built in the Cold War 1950's, to be used as a hospital (in the event of a Third World War), it became Eston County Modern Secondary School, evolving into South Park 6th Form in around the early 1970's.

Sadly, shortly after the turn of the new Millennium (then a subsidiary of Prior Purseglove College, Guisborough) it fell beneath the relentless jack-boot of progress and was levelled to make way for a housing estate, which now stands on the site.

A stones-throw away is the Norman Conquest, a former student haunt where those who looked old enough to drink...would drink. Stop by and ask the bar staff who will regale the thirsty traveller with tales of the old Alma Mata. These Photographs were taken by the Webmaster whilst a student there (1987-1989).  Mine dear South Park, I bid thee Adieu!


  Burgers eaten since I last checked

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